Early stage investors.

Inspired by radically technical founders who apply computer science and machine intelligence to enterprise invention.

Integrity. Focus. Relationships. That's what you can count on from Amplify. Here's what else we stand for:


Focused Investing

We partner with the most technical entrepreneurs to transform their innovations into businesses. We provide capital, but more importantly, we surround founders with the expertise their companies need at the Seed and Series A stages.


Deeply Technical DNA

We recognize and appreciate the hardships that technical entrepreneurs endure. For this reason, founders can count on our unwavering support to build something extraordinary.


Driven by Impact

We amplify technical founders into business leaders by partnering on the foundational elements of success — with emphasis on product/market fit, sales acceleration, go-to-market strategy, and recruiting.


Bold or Bust

We seek entrepreneurs who think audaciously about technical risk. We back the headstrong builders doing something novel for the data-enabled enterprise at every layer of the stack.