Company Building, 07.28.22

Launching the Modern Data Teams Hub

For years now, I’ve found myself frustrated at how so many of the conversations around building effective data organizations have centered around tooling and technology. ...

Company Building, 12.13.21

3 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Hex

Hex is the first application bringing the idea of versioning, collaboration, and publishing to analyses. For years, I’ve been saying that we have to treat analyses like code; you need to branch, peer review, merge, and then publish. I always thought of it in a code-first paradigm because that was the paradigm that made sense to me. Hex’s approach is different, but it’s one that works.

Company Building, 11.03.21

Buying Software for Your Data Stack

If you’re trying to buy your first piece of software, what follows is my recommendation on how to get it over the line. I can’t give you the map to your organization’s process, but you can borrow from my learnings to help sketch out what your next steps look like and hopefully make it easier for the next leader in your organization.