Firm News, 06.13.22

Amplify Partners Fund V

Today we are proud to announce two new funds dedicated to powering the next generation of technical founders: Amplify Partners V, our flagship $400M early-stage fund, and Amplify Select V, a $300M fund designed to support existing Amplify portfolio companies as they grow.

Firm News, 04.05.22

Our Investment in ReadySet

ReadySet now seeks to build on Noria’s foundation, fully removing the need for developers to write ad-hoc caching logic or maintain costly in-memory cache systems. ReadySet provides a data distribution layer that plugs directly into your database. Companies can seamlessly scale out reads for applications and do more with limited resources due to ReadySet’s highly efficient architecture. 

Firm News, 12.08.21

Our Investment in Chainguard

The mission of Sigstore was to create an easy-to-use, trustable and efficient digital signing tool to confirm the origin of software artifacts. In much the same way Let’s Encrypt made certificates for TLS ubiquitous, Sigstore aims to make software signing ubiquitous. 

Industry Trends, 10.12.21

Built For Devs: Season 1

At Amplify, we’ve been fortunate to partner with nearly one hundred early stage founding teams tackling some of the most challenging problems in developer tools, ...