Firm News, 06.13.22

Amplify Partners Fund V

Today we are proud to announce two new funds dedicated to powering the next generation of technical founders: Amplify Partners V, our flagship $400M early-stage fund, and Amplify Select V, a $300M fund designed to support existing Amplify portfolio companies as they grow.

Firm News, 05.09.22

Welcome Justin Gage

At Amplify, Justin will work with our founders on growth and marketing. Whether it is building a website, starting a blog, refining messaging and positioning, designing documentation, gathering your early community, or crafting strong technical content, Justin works side-by-side with our founders to set them on the best possible path to engaging with their audience.

Firm News, 12.08.21

Our Investment in Chainguard

The mission of Sigstore was to create an easy-to-use, trustable and efficient digital signing tool to confirm the origin of software artifacts. In much the same way Let’s Encrypt made certificates for TLS ubiquitous, Sigstore aims to make software signing ubiquitous. 

Portfolio News, 10.18.21

Our Investment in Scribe

Our investment is a testament to a superlative team, led by Jennifer Smith and Aaron Podolny, and an uncommon perspective on an insanely common problem -- documenting digital processes.