Early-stage wanted

Amplify’s Build Team specializes in early stage. We help you win your first customers, hire your initial team, set up your first website, and everything else early-stage technical teams work on. Everyone on the Build Team has built their careers on early-stage bets – many won, and some lost – and brings that experience to their work with you.

Specific domain expertise

Amplify exclusively invests in and works with technical teams building technical products for technical audiences. These kinds of companies have a unique set of shared problems – recruiting engineers, selling to technical end users, developing content, and the like – and that’s what our Build Team has the expertise to help with.

Real, bona-fide work

We embed ourselves in your company and work with you, from leading sales calls to copywriting and outbound sourcing. When you work with Amplify, you get a set of teammates to help close your initial set of customers, recruit your early team, and build out your first few campaigns. This is more than strategic advisory; this is an extension of your team.

Meet the Build Team

Tim Babcock

Go-to-Market and Sales

Helps with: building and scaling your go-to-market organization, hiring for critical roles, and finding the right sales motion for your customer.

Tim specializes in helping companies with sales and solving cross-functional problems across product, sales, marketing, and engineering. He’s led sales organizations at Domino Data, Platfora, and Wibidata.

Tim came in and identified concrete gaps in our sales motion that immediately accelerated our growth. There’s really nothing more helpful than that.

// Noga Leviner, CEO and co-Founder at Picnic Health

Tim has been instrumental in shaping our go-to-market motion and strategy. He’s helped us accelerate growth in some areas while also helping us avoid potential missteps.

Andrew McNealy // Head of Sales at Hex

Natasha Katoni


Helps with: teaching you to recruit and retain your critical early team, building a diagnosable recruiting system, defining a differentiated talent brand, creating a winning compensation and equity pitching strategy.

Natasha specializes in teaching founders how to attract and retain top talent in the most competitive candidate market we’ve seen in a decade. She’s led technical recruiting at Segment (acquired by Twilio), worked at Mattermark and Instacart, and held several first recruiter roles. She has lived through and solved the problems that our early founders face today.

If you take recruiting seriously, you couldn’t ask for a better partner than Natasha. She empowered us to turn recruiting into one of our company’s key strengths.

// Samar Abbas, CTO and Co-founder at Temporal

Hiring the right talent quickly is tough. Working with Natasha is like having a full-time hiring agency on your team. She helped us build a successful recruitment strategy, from setting the candidate conversation pace to drafting job roles to devising employer branding.

// Jonathan Widawski, CEO at Maze

Mark LaRosa

Go-to-Market and Sales

Helps with: winning your first set of customers, developing a technical strategy and outbound messaging, determining proper sequencing, prioritization, and big-picture thinking for your product’s roadmap and features.

Mark specializes in helping companies with go-to-market execution and sales. He most recently was Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, and has held various technical sales and solutions architect leadership roles at Interana, MemSQL, and Coraid.

Mark is an invaluable resource and is an extension of our team. He’s in our Slack, I text him all the time, and call him weekly. He has both a deep understanding of the way that people buy technical products and understands the challenges that companies have as they’re trying to get that all going for the first time.

// Barry McCardel, CEO and Co-founder at Hex

Mark helped our company scale before we had a full executive team. His mentorship, feedback, and engagement during our CRO search was indispensable.

// Grant Miller, CEO and co-Founder at Replicated

Justin Gage

Developer Marketing

Helps with: building your website, starting your blog, messaging and positioning, documentation and technical writing.

Justin specializes in helping companies with growth and marketing. He’s worked on growth at Retool, DigitalOcean, and Algorithmia. You can check out his technical writing here.

Justin was instrumental in helping us with our launch: the new website structure and copy, our blog post, and even the press release have his fingerprints on them. It was really helpful having someone on board who can write, but understands developers too.

// Alana Marzoev, ReadySet CEO

If you’ve got a technical product and are thinking of how to grow it, Justin is a god send. As a team of super technical founders without much marketing expertise, he was able to come in and change how we think about positioning, help us redo our website, and a lot more.

// Emanuel Zgraggen, Einblick CEO

Joshua Goldenberg

Design Strategy

Helps with: product and design feedback, designing systems, hiring and pipeline design, organizational development for design, and operationalizing design across the business.

Joshua specializes in helping companies grow sustaining Design teams that build outstanding products. He has worked in the field of Design for over 25 years, on everything from brand and information design, to data-synthesis platforms, to Oscar-nominated software for filmmaking. As an executive and senior leader, he built and led the international Design organizations at Palantir, Slack, and Loom.

As our company then rapidly grew, Joshua was (and remains) one of my most trusted mentors in scaling a design culture and collaboration that drives creativity, deep user empathy, and first principles thinking. I’m convinced he’s among the best in the world at what he does.

// Ray Zhou, Affinity CEO

Joshua has played a crucial role in shaping our company’s design organization, processes, and hiring. His ability to understand complex problems and provide specific feedback is one of his strongest suits. If you’re looking for someone to help you navigate through the scaling challenges while maintaining a healthy design culture, Joshua is the man.

Early Designer at Growth Company

Nate Remy


Helps with: mapping competitive talent markets, identifying and engaging talent, best practices and creative methods for top of funnel, and building your talent sourcing infrastructure.

Nate specializes in outbound technical recruiting, with a particular focus on building talent pipelines. His prior experience includes time at Segment, Sisense, and in the staffing industry.

We were getting close to exhausting our own networks for hiring our founding team and Nate provided us with timely, practical advice on how to populate our top of funnel with high quality prospects. We’ve improved our email framing and response rate, and thanks to Nate have interviews setup with high quality engineers and analysts.

// CEO and co-Founder at Stealth Startup

Nate made an immediate impact on our search for our Product Marketing Director by generating a pipeline of high quality, motivated candidates.

// David Messina, CMO at OctoML

Emilie Schario

Data Strategy

Helps with: building your data stack, scaling your metrics visibility, and growing your data team.

Emilie specializes in helping companies with their data strategy and building their data team. She has worked as a data analyst at GitLab, Netlify, and SmileDirectClub.

Emilie is a natural community builder. She finds ways to insert our company into the conversation and connect us with candidates and customers. She has also been an asset tactically in identifying and addressing operational gaps in hiring and onboarding new candidates, our sales processes, and our planning and communications rhythms.

// Chetan Sharma, CEO and Founder at Eppo

Emilie helped us build our data team at Replicated. She set up our hiring workflow, reviewed our pipeline, and sourced for open roles. We were able to build a data team of five in just a few months. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Emilie.

// Dalia Havens, VP of Engineering at Replicaated

A community for technical founders

Technical teams face a unique set of specific challenges; this isn’t run-of-the-mill SaaS. Connect with other founders who are figuring it out too.

Events and relationships

Chances are there’s someone you’ll really like among Amplify’s 100+ technical portoflio companies; we run tons of events to make sure you meet them. Yearly highlights include our Founder Retreat, Ski Trip, dozens of dinners, and much more.

Practical workshops

We organize workshops run by people who have done it before, focused on solving a specific problem to technical teams. Think hiring your first technical marketer, when to think about engineering management, and how to instrument open source products for analytics.

An active Slack group

The #founders channel is where you can ask questions, share interesting finds, and generally meet other technical founders figuring it out alongside you. We’re at 200 engaged technical folks and counting.