Because you can't afford to let a single bug bring your business down.

Today, software is the lifeblood of all businesses, and application downtime can be expensive, if not catastrophic. Gremlin has developed an unprecedented service that uniquely leverages chaos engineering to find weaknesses in customers’ systems before they cause problems. With Gremlin, businesses can deliver on customer expectations with confidence, knowing that their software will stand strong no matter what comes its way.

“Initially, we were hesitant about fundraising and venture capital until we met Amplify. After spending time with their team, we found a set of people who understood the Gremlin story and the importance of what we were building. Their level of expertise and network proved instrumental in fueling the growth of our team and customer base.” – Founders Kolton Andrus and Matt Fornaciari


Kolton Andrus
Matt Fornaciari