Amplify exists to serve the vision of talented technical founders. Everything else is secondary.  

Today we are excited to announce two new funds dedicated to technical founders: $275M for Amplify Partners IV, our fourth flagship early-stage fund, and $100M for Amplify Select Fund, our first fund dedicated to expanding our commitment to existing Amplify portfolio companies at the growth stage.  

Amplify IV will make initial investments at the Seed and Series A stages. We deliberately sized our fourth fund so we can support portfolio companies throughout their lifecycle, while not growing so large that we diluted our focus on early-stage projects.  

The addition of Amplify’s first Select Fund, allows us to make significant-sized investments in existing Amplify portfolio companies so our founders can continue scaling their businesses with the partners they know and trust.

Our core investment thesis for both funds remains unchanged — enabling the global digital transformation that is being driven by the explosive growth of cloud infrastructure, developer tools, AI, data science, and cyber security.

It turns out that October 2020 marks the eighth anniversary of Amplify’s founding. That milestone presents an opportunity to reflect on our journey to this point:

An Outstanding Team: We’ve been fortunate to grow Amplify to a group of 13 talented team members; each one handpicked for their domain expertise, passion for what we do, and ability to help our founders win. We’ve grown from within by promoting Lenny Pruss to General Partner and Sarah Catanzaro to Partner, and have also recruited new investors Renee Shah and Natalie Vais. We’ve also expanded our operating team to provide bespoke support for our founders. Natasha Katoni joined Amplify to help our founders build a winning recruiting function, and Mark LaRosa leads our efforts to help founders design and build the right go-to-market organization for their companies.

A Thriving Portfolio:  We have made over 70 Seed and Series A investments since our inception, and have produced some of the strongest returns in the venture capital industry over that time. We’ve celebrated the IPOs of Fastly (NYSE: FSLY) and Datadog (NASDAQ: DDOG) as well as the successful acquisitions of companies including BlueData, Buddybuild, Chef, and Conjur. Not to mention an active portfolio that has raised over $3.0 billion of investor capital.

A Global Community: The founders we work for are the heart and soul of Amplify.  We’ve been  fortunate to back teams in over 25 cities across the globe. We’re also proud to be partnered with founders from the world’s top computer science and machine learning programs such as  Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and University of Washington, as well as from some of the world’s leading cloud-native companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Uber.

Outsized Impact: We’re proud of the impact our portfolio is making on our world. From AI that is powering the future of industrial robotics, medical imaging, and robotic farming, to the software empowering this generation of developers to remake the global economy, to the tools protecting our critical infrastructure in an increasingly connected world, the Amplify portfolio is helping to shape our collective future. 

It’s essential that we recognize two groups who’ve enabled us to build Amplify to what it is today:

First, our Limited Partners. We appreciate your continuing trust in our team and our vision, and are deeply grateful for your continued partnership. Thank you. 

Second, to the incredible founders who’ve embraced Amplify as part of their journey. Through every trial and triumph, we are inspired by your intelligence, hustle and sheer determination. You are the reason we exist and we will never take that for granted. 

As proud as we are about what Amplify has accomplished to date, we are even more optimistic about what we expect from the coming years. We can’t wait to work with the next generation of founders who can count on our experience, our expertise, and our passion to help realize their vision of the future.

Team Amplify Partners 2020