Building Modern Data Teams

The modern data stack left behind building effect teams. We’re here to change that.

Table of Contents

  • Building data driven orgs

    It’s got to be a company initiative.

  • Data team strategy

    Whether it’s a department, a division, or two people, we’re here to help you frame your thinking on building a data organization.

  • Types of work your data team does

    Figuring out where to start: operational analytics, experimentation, and more.

  • Data Quality

    Great work starts with organization-wide trust in data.

  • Data Careers

    It’s time to stop talking about tech and start talking about careers in the modern data stack.

  • Technical overviews

    Specific, tactical guidelines that can help demystify buzzwords into actionable changes.

Building Data Driven Orgs

Building a Data Team Strategy

Types of Work Your Data Team Does

Data Careers

Data Quality

Technical Overviews