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  • Dan Lorenc
  • Kim Lewandowski
  • Matt Moore
  • Scott Nichols,
  • Ville Aikas


  • Founded 2021
  • Partnered 2021

Applying Zero-Trust principles to supply chain security to make the software lifecycle secure by default.

The founding team of five open-source veterans are Dan Lorenc, Matt Moore, Scott Nichols, Ville Aikas, and Kim Lewandowski. The team worked together at Google on many of the foundational container projects, including: Minikube, Distroless, Skaffold, Knative, Tekton, Kaniko, ko, and most recently the open source security projects Sigstore and SLSA. The team believes that the solution to securing software supply chains must be rooted in open source, standards, and communities as the software that companies ship is increasingly dominated by the open source libraries, frameworks, and runtimes they consume.