On Formative Experiences

The whistle of a referee, the smell of fresh grass, and the cheer from a crowd instantly transports me back to my childhood. My father was the basketball coach for me and my three brothers, so we always had a squad for friendly games of two-on-two.  

I didn’t play in college, but competitive sports were always a big part of my life growing up. Sports taught me the value of putting in long hours and working hard. Learning the importance of teamwork, dedication, and persistence was some of the most impactful career training I ever received. 

On Career Insights

After graduating from UCSD, I joined the technology team at Hill+Knowlton, one of the largest PR agencies in the world. My clients were some of the most exciting companies at the time, like Salesforce, VMware, and Qualcomm. Even though it was my first job, I had a lot of responsibility and was in direct contact with clients and media. It was incredibly energizing and motivating to have the freedom to learn by doing and to work so hard for such transformational companies. 

After Hill+Knowlton, I joined the startup accelerator Heavybit, where I worked with dozens of founding teams in the developer tool ecosystem. Having worked with some of the biggest technology companies on the planet, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with early-stage startups and founders who were putting it all on the line. Looking back, it’s gratifying to remember helping some of those startups with their very first marketing launch, piece of press coverage, or community event, and to see them experience such great success today.

On Working At Amplify

At Amplify, I oversee our brand, communications, and events. I also get to leverage my PR experience by working with our portfolio companies directly on their press launches. 

Amplify founders are special. They have the brave conviction that there’s more out there, that there’s a better way to do things, and that they have the power to make it happen. I’m constantly inspired watching our founders abandon the comfortable, orthodox way of doing things and venture out into new, unknown territory. 

When you work with Amplify, you don’t work as an individual. You instantly get the benefits of a tight-knit team as well as our combined knowledge and networks. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with a team like Amplify. Our collective energy is what drives us to overcome any obstacle.  

On People and PR

Successful PR is about people. How you connect with people makes all the difference. You’ve got to know your audience: What’s their where, what, and why? Eventually, I learned that being “all about the people” isn’t unique to PR. People are the driving factor in almost every field. That’s why at Amplify, our focus on people is at the very heart of our mission. 

On Life Outside of Work

The beach is my happy place. It’s where I feel most at home and grounded. Beyond the beach, I love everything that nature has to offer. I try and take full advantage of the Bay Area and like to go on regular hikes and outdoor adventures with my husband, son, and golden retriever.