Natasha Katoni

Head of Talent

Natasha started her recruiting career back at Brown University in the Cognitive Science and Psychology laboratories. There she earned a Bachelor of Science, completed a thesis in developmental research, and most importantly, got her first taste of how the human mind works. Though her original plan was to continue in research and get her Ph.D., she was itching to take a role as an operator. After moving to San Francisco for a job in healthcare consulting, she was serendipitously introduced to recruiting and had a lightbulb moment. Recruiting, when done well, is applied psychology (and much more fun than research).

Natasha has since then recruited for Mattermark, Instacart, and most recently Segment. She was the first recruiter for both Mattermark and Segment and built not only the early team but the systems and processes that allowed the companies to scale. At Segment, she joined around 50 employees and took the company to 500. She expanded her reach from individually recruiting and closing top talent to managing the entire technical recruiting function. Natasha’s thesis is that recruiting is all about differentiation, building a successful early brand, and figuring out your closing system early. Her passion is in the nascent stage when the stakes are high, everything is messy, and recruiting well is the make or break to a company’s success.

When not recruiting Natasha (embarrassingly) enjoys some of the most widely popular things in life including (but not limited to) reality television, working out at Barry’s or in a Pilates class, rosé, and golden retrievers.