On Growing Up

I was born and raised in San Francisco as a first generation American whose parents had come from humble beginnings in Greece. They brought me up in a close-knit community where I quickly learned the value of honesty, loyalty and hard-work. Modestly, kindness and doing the “right” thing, even if it meant standing alone, were instilled into my character from a very young age. I believe that the objectivity and truth found in numbers is why they always appealed to me.  

On Career Insights

My initial job out of college was at PwC where I quickly learned that, in the actual world, numbers can be very subjective. I worked with a wide variety of clients over my career and decided that the venture capital industry, given its ecosphere, would be a better fit for my diverse skill set.  I decided to join Three Arch Partners, a healthcare VC firm, where I became CFO. 

I see myself as a throwback to a time when there were fewer company names on a resume. I stick with people I believe in and learned to appreciate the daily unknown as an opportunity to learn something new. Amplify is only my third job out of college and I’m thrilled to have found a company where I can apply my experience while continuing to accumulate knowledge in a fast-paced work environment.    

On Working At Amplify

Amplify keeps me on my toes as there are always new and exciting projects to collaborate on. As CFO, I’m responsible for Amplify’s financial management and reporting. I lead our operational efforts, which includes investor relations, facilities, legal and human resources, and also support our fundraising efforts.

I’ve learned to appreciate the similarities between my teammates and our portfolio companies which by no coincidence,  go hand in hand. Witnessing the dedication, passion and focus that goes into achieving success is inspirational.  I relish my role of being a trusted resource for my colleagues and our founders. I don’t agree with the expression “it’s not personal, it’s business” and I consider myself fortunate to have found such a quality group of individuals to work alongside.  

On Life Outside of Work

Life around the house is never dull with three children.  We love to travel and get back to Greece whenever the calendar permits. I like to fish as it teaches me patience, and being around water brings me peace and calm.  I seek out the humor in things as laughter is the best antidote to working with spreadsheets all day.