On Growing Up

I was born in Hong Kong and when I was two years old, my family moved to the U.S. We lived in Chicago for a few years and then settled in New York City.

I grew up on the Lower East Side, outside of Chinatown, with three sisters and an older brother. My father worked as a cook and my mother was a seamstress. Growing up, all my parents ever wanted was for me and my siblings to get a good education, work hard and be happy.  I try to instill the same dedication and drive in my own children. 

On Career Highlights

The first real job I had was at a Japanese trading house which was an  interesting experience.  After that, I worked at RCA/Columbia Pictures where I provided support to the EVP of Business Affairs.

My husband was offered a great work opportunity that brought us out to California. At first, I was really homesick for my family, New York City and my job at Columbia.  Over time, I found work at IDG Communications supporting the President of Macworld and InfoWorld magazines, made friends and settled into living here in Northern California. After some time off to take care of our two boys, I went back to work and got my first taste of working for a startup called TrialPay, an e-commerce company in Palo Alto.

On Working At Amplify

I handle day-to-day operations and provide administrative support for Sunil and Mike.

I’ve been with Amplify since its founding. I remember when we were first starting out, Sunil, David and I worked out of a windowless conference room. It brings me great pride to see us now on our fourth fund and with two thriving offices. It goes to show what consistency, hard work and hiring really well can accomplish.  

I pride myself on being hardworking, consistent and reliable. Founders and colleagues know they can always count on me. 

On Life Outside Of Work

I love to read, cook and bake. I love going to movies and traveling.

I love ‘80s disco music. I used to go dancing in New York City with friends all the time growing up.  We loved the music and hanging out with each other… I still do!