The Technical Women Podcast

Introducing a new show from the team at Amplify Partners! Technical Women is a podcast that shines light on the women who are trailblazing, inspiring and building our future. Hosts Natalie Vais and Renee Shah interview women with technical expertise, proven experience, big goals, and high potential. At Amplify Partners, we invest in leaders who are transforming modern computing and machine intelligence. For more stories and ideas, sign up for our newsletter below.

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Past Episodes

01 – Growing a Career in NLP with Primer’s Amy Heineike

Amy Heineike started her career working on transportation systems in the UK. She never imagined that one day, she’d be one of the original team members at a fast-growing Bay Area startup, exploring a new and quickly-changing technology. Amy tells us how she got into NLP, what she has learned about turning a technology into a tool people can actually use, and how she has approached building a team.