What We Invest In

Unprecedented applications of machine intelligence at any layer of the enterprise stack

Advances in deep learning, especially around power and flexibility, are enabling superhuman performance across a wide range of categories. Driving this phenomenon is a fundamentally different approach: Instead of solving problems with custom code, next generation neural network architectures will use data to search a wide solution space.

Still, most of the world is running on old code and have yet to incorporate machine learning and AI into their businesses. From manufacturing and logistics to farming, design, and even the practice of software engineering itself, nothing is off limits when it comes to deep learning and AI. At Amplify, we believe only the deepest technical minds are capable of further advancing this shift and applying it to ambitious new markets. We are excited to be your champion through this transformation.

Systems, tooling, and platforms that push the frontier
of modern computing

Technology has evolved in cycles — from mainframes to PCs to mobile and cloud — and today we’re at the precipice of another massive shift. We’re leaving the era that gave us cloud computing, mobile devices, big data, and DevOps. We’re entering one defined by ubiquitous computing driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, distributed systems, and wholly new programming and security paradigms.

About Amplify

We serve the vision of technical founders

We back technical founders because we believe in the power of product insight born from personal experience, the unique qualifications of technologists as company builders, and the entrepreneurial instincts of those with deep empathy for their end-users. We partner with open source project creators, professors, computer science and AI researchers, and practicing engineers who have bold visions for what comes next.

We are hyper-focused on being the best-in-class platform for early-stage, technical challenges

Rather than trying to be all things to all entrepreneurs, Amplify is hyper focused on being the best-in-class platform to support today’s generation of technical founders. We are investors for founders applying computer science and machine intelligence to enterprise invention. Having Amplify on your team means you’re getting a very specific, deep level of support. We lead Seed and Series A rounds, and we leverage our expertise in machine learning, AI, developer tools, infrastructure, data science, distributed systems, and robotics to help bring ground-breaking technical insights to the enterprise.

We are active partners, working alongside founders to help build, sell, recruit, and market

We devote meaningful time and energy to our founders and portfolio companies. We’re nimble, pragmatic and engaged. We’re partners in the truest sense. Our dedicated portfolio service team turns promising projects into full-fledged companies and steps in whenever support is needed. If it’s time to make your first engineering hire, develop a sales plan or create a product roadmap, we’re right there with you to get it done.

We stand for integrity, focus, and relationships

You can count on Amplify to operate with integrity and focus. Our drive, passion and dedication will match yours, and we will always prioritize people and relationships.

Our Promise To You

  • Alignment of vision

    We know executing your envisioned future takes great commitment and energy. We will spend time understanding your vision and will gain conviction.

  • Curated connections

    We’ll proactively connect you to high-quality customers, partners, and talent to accelerate your growth.

  • An extension of your team

    We’ll provide the hands-on support you need to succeed. Dedicated sales, recruiting, and marketing specialists will work alongside you to help realize your vision.

  • Collaborative problem-solving

    We’ll figure out the hard stuff together because we won’t have all of the answers all of the time.

  • Leadership guidance

    We’ll empower you to reach your full potential as a leader, especially if you’re a first-time founder.

  • Long-term thinking

    Your journey as a founder is long and has no shortcuts. We will be with you every step of the way.


We’re here to help you turn ideas into companies that last.