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News and Perspectives in 2021

Amplify Select Fund: $100M Expansion

Given the strength of the opportunities we see in our portfolio and the overwhelming response from our entrepreneurs and our LPs, we raised an additional $100M for the Select Fund, bringing its total size to $200M. The expanded fund size allows us to double-down on supporting our portfolio as they scale beyond the early stages and through to the public markets.

Amplify Select Fund: $100M Expansion

Technical Recruiting Playbooks by Natasha Katoni

Technical Recruiting Playbooks is a monologue style podcast by Amplify’s Head of Talent, Natasha Katoni. The early epsidoes will start out with the basics of setting up a successful recruiting system that’s ripe for problem-solving. From there, we plan to dive deeper into higher-level strategic plays.

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Built for Devs Season 1

Built for Devs is podcast series by Lenny Pruss featuring the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs and operators in developer tools, infrastructure, and distributed systems as they share lessons and offer insights to overcome some of the most challenging aspects of early-stage company building.

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The Technical Women Podcast

Technical Women is a podcast that shines light on the women who are trailblazing, inspiring, and building our future. Hosts Natalie Vais and Renee Shah interview women with technical expertise, proven experience, big goals, and high potential.

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Buying Software for Your Data Stack

If you’re trying to buy your first piece of software, Emilie Schario provides a recommendation on how to get it over the line. Readers can borrow from her learnings to help sketch out what your next steps look like and hopefully make it easier for the next leader in your organization.

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100 Issues of Projects To Know

In 2021, we celebrated 100 Issues of Projects To Know. Author Sarah Catanzaro writes a reflection and highlights a few projects from our expansive compilation – the most popular Papers, Projects, and Content from 4 sets of issues. You’ll see that these projects span a range of topics – from privacy-preserving machine learning to literate programming to serverless prediction serving.

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The Amplify Partners team wishes you a safe and healthy holiday season, and a happy New Year!