Company Building, 08.11.22

Tough Conversations: How To Reject Candidates

Natasha Katoni talks through how to have the tough conversation and “break up” with a candidate in your process. Everyone deserves to hear back from a company, even if they didn’t make it from application to interview.

Company Building, 04.07.22

How To Build An Interview Process

Natasha Katoni talks about how early-stage founders and teams can build an effective interview process. She covers the four key interview pillars (plus two bonus pillars!). These include identifying candidate core competencies, mapping questions to evaluate them, scoring answers with rubrics, and finally debriefing. 

Uncategorized, 02.18.22

Technical Recruiting Playbooks: The Importance of Your Company Pitch

A recruiting pitch is the cornerstone of your talent marketing strategy. It’s the key message that you are sending your candidates in a competitive environment. The key to an effective pitch is differentiation. There must be an authentic edge in your product, your company, and your team that makes your pitch attractive so candidates will pick you over other options. 

Company Building, 01.12.22

3 Key Recruiting Metrics To Track

Tracking recruiting metrics at the very beginning and end of funnels allows you to identify if you are effectively attracting, interviewing, and closing the right candidates.

Company Building, 12.01.21

Technical Recruiting Playbooks by Natasha Katoni

Today we’re excited to launch Technical Recruiting Playbooks, a monologue style podcast (with potentially a few surprise guests along the way!) by me, Natasha Katoni, Amplify’s Head of Talent. We’ll start out with the basics of setting up a successful recruiting system that’s ripe for problem-solving. From there, we’ll dive deeper into higher-level strategic plays.