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Artur was frustrated with existing Internet infrastructure and had a vision of where it needed to go next. With a strong technical background as a developer, Artur decided that he could build a better solution, and Fastly was born.

Founded: 2011 Backed by Amplify: 2012 IPO: 2019

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As colleagues at a prior company, Oliver led the development team and Alexis led the operations team, where they experienced firsthand the difficulty in communication across the two groups. Powered by their empathy for the problem, Datadog was built to make data available and bring these two sides of the house together.

Founded: 2011 Backed by Amplify: 2012 IPO: 2019

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For Noga, it’s personal. She was inspired to create PicnicHealth while struggling to manage her medical records. Today, Noga and Troy are using data to power the next frontier of medical research and provide patients with unprecedented access to their medical records.

Founded: 2014 Backed by Amplify: 2018

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Tristan, Drew, and Connor worked together as data analysts for years seeking to empower teams slowed down by brittle workflows. dbt Labs was founded to change how data teams work together and in doing so, pioneered the practice of analytics engineering.

Founded: 2016 Backed by Amplify: 2019

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Engineers Tejas, Kashish, and Josh saw the difficulty of working with valuable data that was locked away in cloud data warehouses. Together, they trailblazed the category of ‘Reverse ETL’ and founded Hightouch to make data more accessible and actionable for every business team.

Founded: 2020 Backed by Amplify: 2021

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In their former roles, Barry, Caitlin, and Glen experienced firsthand the difficulty of data sharing. They invented a new type of workspace for data teams to collaborate, analyze, and share their best work.

Founded: 2019 Backed by Amplify: 2020

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As senior software architects, Maxim and Samar saw organizations struggling as they adopted distributed systems and microservices architectures. They designed Temporal to tame this complexity and empower developers to write reliable, fault-tolerant applications at any scale.

Founded: 2020 Backed by Amplify: 2020


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Eppo: Run more impactful experiments, faster

Eppo is building a next-generation A/B experimentation platform. We believe experimentation should be accessible to all companies, and Eppo is the solution.

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