Company Building, 01.12.22

3 Key Recruiting Metrics To Track

Tracking recruiting metrics at the very beginning and end of funnels allows you to identify if you are effectively attracting, interviewing, and closing the right candidates.

Portfolio News, 12.16.21

Our Investment in Continual

The promise of machine learning in the enterprise has been a story of hype, myth and ever-shifting goalposts (and budgets). The first wave of adopters ...

Company Building, 12.13.21

3 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Hex

Hex is the first application bringing the idea of versioning, collaboration, and publishing to analyses. For years, I’ve been saying that we have to treat analyses like code; you need to branch, peer review, merge, and then publish. I always thought of it in a code-first paradigm because that was the paradigm that made sense to me. Hex’s approach is different, but it’s one that works.

Company Building, 12.10.21

Writing New Definitions with Shanea Leven

Do you remember the first time you experienced the Internet? Shanea Leven does. She was 13, and she realized that online, she could be anyone and do anything. On the Technical Women podcast, she shares how her path unfolded and the definitions she’s rewriting now.

Firm News, 12.08.21

Our Investment in Chainguard

The mission of Sigstore was to create an easy-to-use, trustable and efficient digital signing tool to confirm the origin of software artifacts. In much the same way Let’s Encrypt made certificates for TLS ubiquitous, Sigstore aims to make software signing ubiquitous. 

Company Building, 12.01.21

Technical Recruiting Playbooks by Natasha Katoni

Today we’re excited to launch Technical Recruiting Playbooks, a monologue style podcast (with potentially a few surprise guests along the way!) by me, Natasha Katoni, Amplify’s Head of Talent. We’ll start out with the basics of setting up a successful recruiting system that’s ripe for problem-solving. From there, we’ll dive deeper into higher-level strategic plays.

Company Building, 11.16.21

Growing a Career in NLP with Primer’s Amy Heineike

Amy Heineike started her career working on transportation systems in the UK. She never imagined that one day, she’d be one of the original team members at a fast-growing Bay Area startup, exploring a new and quickly-changing technology. Amy tells us how she got into NLP, what she has learned about turning a technology into a tool people can actually use, and how she has approached building a team.