Firm News, 06.27.22

Welcoming Joshua Goldenberg to Amplify

As the newest member of the Amplify Build Team, Joshua will embed with companies to guide founders through every aspect of the design lifecycle: product and brand strategy, making design ICs successful, organization planning and design leadership, hiring and retention and best practices for tying design into other functions of the business.

Firm News, 06.13.22

Amplify Partners Fund V

Today we are proud to announce two new funds dedicated to powering the next generation of technical founders: Amplify Partners V, our flagship $400M early-stage fund, and Amplify Select V, a $300M fund designed to support existing Amplify portfolio companies as they grow.

Firm News, 06.07.22

Our Investment in Gantry

Imagine this: You’re in your first management role, leading a team of data scientists and ML engineers at a high-growth start-up. After months of building ...

Firm News, 05.09.22

Welcome Justin Gage

At Amplify, Justin will work with our founders on growth and marketing. Whether it is building a website, starting a blog, refining messaging and positioning, designing documentation, gathering your early community, or crafting strong technical content, Justin works side-by-side with our founders to set them on the best possible path to engaging with their audience.

Company Building, 04.07.22

How To Build An Interview Process

Natasha Katoni talks about how early-stage founders and teams can build an effective interview process. She covers the four key interview pillars (plus two bonus pillars!). These include identifying candidate core competencies, mapping questions to evaluate them, scoring answers with rubrics, and finally debriefing. 

Firm News, 04.05.22

Our Investment in ReadySet

ReadySet now seeks to build on Noria’s foundation, fully removing the need for developers to write ad-hoc caching logic or maintain costly in-memory cache systems. ReadySet provides a data distribution layer that plugs directly into your database. Companies can seamlessly scale out reads for applications and do more with limited resources due to ReadySet’s highly efficient architecture.