Firm News, 06.13.22

Amplify Partners Fund V

Today we are proud to announce two new funds dedicated to powering the next generation of technical founders: Amplify Partners V, our flagship $400M early-stage fund, and Amplify Select V, a $300M fund designed to support existing Amplify portfolio companies as they grow.

Firm News, 06.07.22

Our Investment in Gantry

Imagine this: You’re in your first management role, leading a team of data scientists and ML engineers at a high-growth start-up. After months of building ...

Portfolio News, 11.09.21

Announcing Datafold

We invested in Datafold because they help data teams navigate this impasse, thereby maximizing utilization of their data and reaching their full potential. Datafold enables data teams to deliver high-quality data products while increasing the speed at which they iterate. 

Firm News, 09.29.21

Welcome Emilie Schario

Emilie Schario is joining Amplify as a data strategist-in-residence. In her new role, Emilie will have a 360-degree view of the data ecosystem. She will work with leadership at Amplify portfolio companies to create highly effective data and growth teams.